Don’t Call Me a War Photographer


Don’t Call Me a War Photographer

Don’t Call Me a War Photographer is the title of a Canal+ documentary that will be presented at 6 pm on June 28 as part of the special session organised by the city’s Network of Civic Centres to close OBJECTIVE►BCN.

The award to Samuel Aranda of World Press Photo of the Year in 2012 provides the starting point for a Canal+ documentary that looks at the work of a new generation of Spanish photojournalists who have earned international acclaim for their coverage of the major conflicts of the century: from Iraq and Afghanistan to the uprisings in North Africa, the war in Syria and the latest confrontations in the Ukraine and Venezuela.

Through their work and commentaries by some of their editors at The New York Times, El País, Associated Press, Getty Image and so on, the viewer can chart the progress of a photograph, from the moment it is taken to the moment of its publication. This enables us think about the factors and people that shape our view of today’s world and its conflicts. Along the way, we can also discover what drives these photographers, witnesses to the best and worst sides of human nature, to risk their lives in order give their account of an increasingly violent world.

Although they have covered the main conflicts of this century, the photographers interviewed do not regard themselves as “war photographers”; nor do they identify with the clichés and stereotypes associated with the term. As its title suggests, one of the goals of the documentary is to destroy that myth. Amongst the professionals who took part are Samuel Aranda, Moises Saman, Manu Brabo, Emilio Morenatti, Álvaro Ybarra Zavala, Fernando Moleres, Sandra Balsells and Steve McCurry, as well as other leading photographers and publishers.

Directed by: Esther Vergara
Script: Rebeca González
Produced by: Isabel Guerrero
Cameraman: Antonio González
A Canal+ production

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