Open Lectures


    Open lecture: premiere of ‘The Matchbox’

    Presentation of this previously unpublished documentary by David Airob, exploring the life and work of Joan Guerrero (black-and-white, 55 min) “Many years ago, more than a thousand, in my hometown of Tarifa, a child wanted to photograph the wind with a matchbox…” With these words, Joan Guerrero opens The Matchbox, a 55-minute-long black-and-white d...

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    Open lecture: Cristina García Rodero conference

    A life narrated in the first person and in two consecutive parts Cristina García Rodero will talk to us about her life and work, which can be summed up in her own words: “I try to photograph the mysterious, true and magical soul of popular Spain in all its passion, love, humour, tenderness, rage, pain – in all its truth; and the fullest and most intense...

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    Congrats, Navia! (And please, come back to BCN very soon…)

    There is a Navia dictionary. When we open it, the words spill out. We catch one at random. It is joy. Many more begin to pile up: choose, mystery, memory, sign, and so on. “This talk is a cry of joy”, says Navia on finishing his talk. He’s mischievous and likes to provoke. He’s given the session a long title. And now he’s getting ready to dissect each...

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    Open lecture: Abbas conference

    Conflicts In his slideshow, Abbas shows images of his forty years’ coverage of conflicts throughout the world. From the war for Bangladesh in 1970 to Vietnam, apartheid in South Africa to the revolution in Iran and the various Middle Eastern wars, and ending with the present conflict between the Judeo-Christian civilisation and Islam, Abbas highlights the...

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  • 21/03/2014

    Video of Navia’s open lecture

    Video of the open lecture by Navia (in Spanish) on 20 March, that was held at the Barcelona Museu del Disseny, as part of the «Open lectures» cycle of the documentary photography project OBJECTIVE►BCN.

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    Open lecture: Navia conference

    Bravo, photograph the city! (And please don’t feel obliged to “shoot” street-photography so you can later publish a photobook…) In the words of Navia: “More than anything, I want this gathering to be a stimulus, as well as a provocation. I’d like us to devote a little time to talking about photography. About something so simple and at the same time s...

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    Open lectures

    One premiere; three lectures. OBJECTIVE►BCN is organising open sessions with the Magnum Agency photographers Abbas and Cristina García Rodero, as well as with Navia, David Airob and Joan Guerrero. The cycle is curated by Samuel Aranda, photographer of The New York Times and winner of the 2012 World Press Photo award. The sessions form part of a documenta...

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